TLX Silver

What is TLX Silver?

TLX Silver

The first fully-registered multi-foil insulation

Here at TLX Insulation we have been in the forefront of developing reflective insulation products and solutions to meet the energy efficiency needs of both new and existing buildings. TLX Silver has been independently tested by fully accredited test laboratories to the latest British and European standards; it was the first reflective multi-foil insulation to be awarded a prestigious BBA Certificate of Agrement, and our roof and wall solutions combining TLX Silver with secondary insulation were the first to be recognised by LABC and given Registered Detail status.

TLX Silver has been used in numerous new build houses with the approval of NHBC, in loft and barn conversions, or simply when upgrading the performance of existing structures. Look at our case studies for examples.

We provide unrivalled support to our customers. Advice on installation, U-value or condensation risk calculations; CAD drawings or someone to talk to Building Control are all only a phone call away through the Thermal Hotline.

What area are you working in?

TLX Silver

Loft conversion
New build
Barn conversion
Home upgrade

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TLX Silver is produced in the UK by
TLX Insulation Ltd.

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